6 Important Factors why Learning Web Design is Important for Digital Marketer

6 Important Factors why Learning Web Design is Important for Digital Marketer

Are you creative? Are you confused why should you choose to learn web designing course as your career? Visit www.prolearnings.com , which offers great web designing course in Kolkata with placement. But first take a look at the below points, why you can opt for a website designing course

  • Web Designing can be exciting 
  • Web design industry is growing 
  • Demand and job option 
  • Web Designers create Brands 
  • Every Works you do promote you
  • You learn Web Designing by own 
  • Can work as freelancer 
  • Work on your own deadlines 

How important is your website to for digital marketing strategy?

And the answer is -very important.

Customers interact with you for business mostly through your website, be it booking, about the service, query, purchases or to get the contact details.

You may have great strategies but a poor website can turn it all down. It won’t convert and the sales will disappoint you. There may be various reasons for the under-performance like site speed, responsiveness or navigation. The key to a successful digital marketing starts with a well-planned website.

Review your website keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Conversion rate – are you converting leads/customers?
  • Competition – are you outperforming competitors or vice versa?
  • Branding – does your website reflect your brand?
  • SEO – are you performing well on search engines?
  • Responsiveness – is your site responsive?
  • Site speed – do your pages load quickly?

Do you need a new website?

A website stuffed with high quality pictures and videos is not enough. It requires DIGITAL MARKETING as one of the most required factors. Ask yourself the following questions before making a new site.

Who is your website for?

First, analyse what your target audience is and then build the site accordingly-

  • Potential Customers/Leads
  • Existing Customers/Members
  • News/Media
  • Staff/Internal Stakeholders
  • Public
  • Other

What is the purpose of your website?

Your digital marketing strategy should define your goals. These could include sales, lead generation or brand awareness. 

To ensure that your website meets your objectives, your website design needs to consider:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Brand Identity


Search engine optimisation is all about increasing your organic visibility on search engines, which can be achieved through various methods. It’s necessary that your site makes up to the first page in the search.

Apart from responsive, a web designer should think about other on-page optimisation activities, such as improving navigation, the content, and other technical areas of the site.


Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of increasing the chances that a user will complete a desired action and improve your conversion rate (CR).

It can include:

  • Contact Form Submissions
  • Email Submissions
  • Booking Completion
  • Account Creation
  • Transaction Completion


User Experience focuses on user satisfaction. When you design a website, you want it to be easily used and at the same worthwhile for your user. UX is very important to web design and it’s closely linked with SEO and CRO. 


A website speaks a thousand words about your business so make sure that it is doing right.  Mostly people judge your business through the website so try to fulfil all the expectations of your potential visitors through a well-presented website. 

Brand identity is very important to UX and CRO as it builds trust between the user and the business and also can influence their decision making.


One of the most important and focused part of the strategy should be spending time to review. Perfect website does not exist. You should already know which areas are performing well and which aren’t and those  should be regularly updated.

Spend some time on evaluating and identifying pages that are not getting much traffic or converting. At a basic level, one should be using Google Analytics and also anyone can learn to use it.

You must have a good website to support your Digital Marketing activities. 

Lastly, if you want to pursue web designing course in Kolkata, ProLearnings is the place for you. Under the guidance of skilled professionals, you can enhance your creativity and have a great career in web designing.

Punam Singh

I’m the writer of the above blog. I am no marketing guru but writing contents on trendy topics has been a part of my life since school days. I look at the topic from beginner’s point of view and love to explain it in my own words.  I hope the blog will be helpful to you. Best wishes.

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