Basic to Advanced Website Designing Course

Approach ProLearnings for the best web designing course in Kolkata. The course is mastered by the best faculty who are just too eager to help you at every step. If you pursue this course then be sure of achieving success in the profession of a web designer. The perks of doing this course are multiple which will only be possible with your handwork and diligence.

Here is an overview of the course of web designing which will help you to know this course further and better.

  • Module 1 mainly deals with the basics of the course and will teach you the applications of these basics in your projects.
  • Module 2 will let you explore the live projects related to the course from which you will learn a lot about the challenges of handling a project and also how to deal with them.
  • Module 3 introduces you to the basics and the application of Adobe Photoshop and others like editing of images, CMS, designing for mobile devices, etc. This part of the syllabus will indeed be an interesting thing to learn.
  • Module 4 will teach you the fundamental and basic concepts of HTML/XHTML, CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver which is once again an important aspect of the web designing course.
  • Module 5 will provide you a detailed knowledge in Bootstrap, how to create a  webpage by using responsive technology and other aspects of its utility and usability.
  • Module 6 will teach you all that you have to learn about JavaScript since it an essential computer language that is needed to structure and build a website.
  • Module 7 is all about the basics, simple functions, and applications of JQuery.

You can avail of this web design training in Kolkata from the best web design training center. Choose from both basic and advanced web designing courses as per your wish.

Some of the reasons for joining this course would be

  • This course lets the learner to get to know a new dimension as well as an aspect of the digital world.
  • It also trains students about how to build SEO-friendly websites which will be required if they are working as a web designer.
  • Students get training coupled with live projects.
  • This live project helps them to design websites for the clients and later on, they can easily shed the tag of being a fresher.
  • The web designing institute helps you to clarify any kind of doubts which you may come across while the course is still in progress.
  • A good web designing institute will always offer a learner-friendly environment where the students can learn without any fear.
  • The proficient faculty members will help and encourage the learners to learn, question and explore.
  • At the very same time, they will as well guide them about the career prospects and job opportunities before they venture out in the professional world.
  • The students too will overcome difficulty while handling a live project or completing an assignment as they will already be trained to handle such situations at their future workplace.

These are a few of the reasons why you must choose the best and professional web designing institute in Kolkata.

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