Career Opportunities on Digital Marketing in India 2021

According to the report of Goldman Sachs, on the Indian internet, the digital marketing career opportunity will be going to be 160$ billion within 2025 that is three times the current worth. Many companies are flowing according to the situation and focusing on digital marketing than the traditional way of marketing. It has been reviewed that by 2021, the digital marketing advertising spends are estimated to touch around Rs 25000 Cr. And if we evaluate, the growth rate is more than 10.5%.

If we examined the current market situation, after this pandemic, the job sector has changed the view and focus on technology as well as digital skill as it leads to remote work. By reviewing this situation, we can observe that immense growth will lead to a favorable situation for the applicants. Due to this, a lot of jobs will be available that can be online advertising, content creation, online retailing, social media marketing, etc., in this sector. 

Future Career Opportunity:

The digital market sector has become one of the most popular career opportunities that include social media marketing. Facebook has more than millions of active users in India than if we compare with America, which indicates in making the most extensive user base globally. In 2019, the advertisement in this sector totaled 3,283 million dollars.  

We can further distinguish this section into different segments; there are several opportunities aspirants can choose, such as Video Marketing, Content Strategies & Digital Ad Manager, etc from the digital marketing course in Kolkata. Along with that, applicants can go for an SEO expert or Google Ad Expert; in the current situation, these two are in high demand. There are also other opportunities that applicants can try for like Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Website optimization, etc.

Brief Information about SEO, Email Marketing & Mobile Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search Engine Optimization is a job where the main aspect is to optimize a website or content. Let’s break it into simple words; in this segment, the employee needs to do rank up certain content or website so that it will come up when it is searched with specific keywords. There is a vast broad path for growth.
  • Email Marketing: Email Marketing has also become the notably marketing strategy in the current situation; here, an employee must send an email to the target consumers. If you need to succeed, you need to make your prospects into a consumer, and by time, that customer will turn into a potential one. Why email marketing! – Well, it will boost your career, and you can achieve growth opportunities.
  • Mobile Marketing: From the digital marketing training center in Kolkata aspirants can learn about this segment; in this sector, aspirants need digital marketing with different strategies; here, employee aimed their target prospects on their tablets, smartphones, or any other device through sending SMS, Websites, Applications, etc.

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