Digital Marketing will be a Leading Career in 2020-2021 Know the Top Reasons

ProLearnings is a well-known digital marketing training centre in Kolkata. But there are many advantages to digital marketing.

 One of the main advantages of digital marketing is that it can reach the targeted audience cost-effectively and measurably. Some of the other pros are increasing brand loyalty and driving online sales. TV and print advertising always allows only personalized marketing.

The main benefits of digital marketing are as follows:

  • Global reach: A website plays a very vital role in digital marketing. It allows a business to find new markets and trade globally at a small investment.
  • Lower cost: if the digital marketing campaign is well- planned. It can reach the targeted audience and the right customers at a much lower price than the traditional marketing methods.
  • Trackable and measurable results: A business can track with the help of web analytics and other online metric tools. It helps the businesses to establish how effective the digital marketing campaign has been. 
  • Personalization: If the customer’s database is linked to the business’s website, then whenever he visits the site, the businesses can greet the customer with targeted offers and discounts. 

Social currency

  • Digital marketing helps every business create engaging campaigns using content marketing tactics. This content (images, videos, and articles) gains social currency while being passed from user to user and becoming viral.
  • Improved conversion rates: If you have a website, your customers are just a few clicks away from purchasing your product or service. 

Some of the disadvantages of digital marketing are as follows:

  • Skills and training: We have to make sure that the staff has the right knowledge and expertise to carry out digital marketing activities. The tools, platforms, and trends change rapidly. The employees must be up to date with it.
  • Time-consuming: The tasks such as optimizing online advertising campaigns and creating marketing content consume a lot of time. 
  • High competition: While you can reach a global audience with digital marketing, you also have to face a lot of competition. It is very challenging to stand out against competitors and to grab the attention of the customers and the consumers.
  • Security and privacy issues: There are many legal considerations around collecting and using customer data for digital marketing purposes. You have to take special care to comply with the rules regarding privacy and data protection.
  • Complaints and feedback: There is negative feedback or criticism of your brand that is visible to your audience through social media and review websites.

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