Digital Marketing Training with Live Project in Kolkata

One week ago, ProLearnings is a reputed Centre announced that they are going to start a new vision of life which is involved in a digital marketing course in Kolkata. A new wing is added to that. There are various opportunities for aspirants. Even, professional learning implies a new way towards aspirants and learners.

ProLearnings is a digital marketing training Centre in Kolkata and looks after the matter which will be more valuable for the learners. On the other hand, we shall give more time and attention during the training session whereas they can face challenges and clarify their doubts through more practice. We will provide theoretical training and hands-on training for live projects. Theoretical knowledge is crucial because, with the help of theory, anyone can understand the fundamental things of any subject as well as practical knowledge is more important than theory. It gives an immense knowledge of the practice of any subject which you can understand about how to apply things. Practical knowledge is obtained by day – to – day hands-on experience. It is earned by doing things. On the other hand, practical knowledge is involved with experiments in laboratories, study tours, projects, and assignments. Hands-on training is essential for any kind of course. No one can gain knowledge without practical training and it helps aspirants to make them capable. Digital marketing course will help learners to become a good professional in nature.

Practical training will be delivered by someone who is well experienced in this field and has prior experience. Our board of directors Mr. Satya Prakash wants to explore some good students who are serious to learn about this for achieving success for the future. Our well-versed faculties will teach you how to be capable to deal with some live projects and to be a professional digital marketer. In other words, live projects will enhance their knowledge and prepare them to enter into the professional world and you will become an expert to face real clients.Our training package is very affordable for everyone who are interested to learn from this centre.

The advance level of digital marketing courses which you would learn, during the training session:

  • Google webmasters tool
  • Research and analysis of keywords
  • Depth of knowledge about on-page and off-page optimization
  • Reporting of SEO

Live projects can be called an internship and training because a learner can gain real work expertise before getting a job. This well-known training Centre has worked with real clients as well as meet the deadline to reach target audiences and to enhance their business strategy. Even, some companies pay for working with them on live projects. On the other hand, many students want to start an internship with short period whereas they can easily be accustomed in their respective field after becoming a professional.Our technical team will give you an immense support for making decision and dealing with professionals.

Address:16, Gangadhar Babu Lane, Near Central Metro Station, Kolkata, West Bengal 700012, India
Phone: +91 91633 63931

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