How to use SEO to increase Brand Awareness?

SEO and brand awareness go hand in hand. Not only does SEO is used to generate organic traffic, but also strengthening branding and brand awareness. If you are not into SEO much, you must want to know what is the purpose of SEO? 

For many professionals, the answer is pretty simple: generate organic traffic. But have you ever thought that SEO and brand awareness are also a great fit? 

What is the relationship between SEO and brand awareness?

Anyone who wishes to increase its company’s brand awareness wants to be well-remembered by the audience.

But it’s not about just brand name, the audience must also know the personality, value, and niche products of the brand. This leads to recognition and at the same time differentiation. It holds uniqueness in people’s minds.  

SEO is one of the most powerful possibilities to target the audience, but not always taken into consideration when brands come up with strategies to increase brand awareness.

Brand awareness also contributes to SEO. As the brand becomes well-known and remembered, it also becomes a hot topic on the internet and is more searched on Google. 

Therefore, SEO and brand awareness go together. 

What are the benefits of using SEO to increase brand awareness?

Now, let’s understand this important topic:

  • It is an organic strategy
  • SEO is an organic strategy. This means that you do not have to pay Google to rank your site in the first place. 
  • It increases brand reach
  • Brand awareness wants the brand to be more known by more target audiences. Therefore, this aim is related to reach too. And SEO holds great power to enhance the range of brands.
  • It establishes authority in the market
  • User who sees the first results understands that those sites are reliable. This perception is crucial for brand awareness since it associates authority with the brand and it strengthens its image in the consumer’s mind.
  • Improve the website experience
  • In addition to offering relevant content, a page must also create a valuable browsing experience to win over Google. It must comply with User Experience principles.

How to create an SEO strategy focused on brand awareness?

Generally, a well-designed SEO strategy will surely be able to boost your brand awareness. So, it is important to follow good SEO practices.

Check out these tips:

  1. Create valuable content for your persona
  2. Use your experience to create content
  3. Provide the best user experience
  4. Insert the brand personality on the website
  5. Look for link building partners in line with your values

How to measure brand awareness in SEO?

Measuring brand awareness is a challenging task for brands. 

To master this accurately, you can apply these resources:

  • Branded searches

Searches that involve your brand name i.e. BRAND KEYWORDS  are known as Branded Searches.

  • Direct traffic

When the audience reaches your website by typing the URL directly into the browser bar or through a saved bookmark, it is known as Direct Traffic. Like branded searches, direct traffic tells that users actively know and remember your brand.

Traffic reports in Google Analytics also provide this information. Monitor the growth of this metric as well.

  • Brand mentions

Brand Mentions helps in increasing awareness and makes your brand name known to a larger part of the audience. Mentions of the brand on the website and social networks, (with or without a link), tells that it is part of people’s conversations. 

  • Brand perceptions

Measuring brand awareness also involves knowing what values and attributes people associate with the brand.

By now you must be aware of the power SEO holds for Brand Awareness. If you ever thought that SEO is just about organic traffic, now you know that it contributes a lot of branding.  

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Punam Singh

I’m the writer of the above blog. I am no marketing guru but writing content on topics like these has been a part of my life since my school days. I look at the topic from a beginner’s point of view and love to explain it in my own words.  I hope the blog will be helpful to you. Best wishes.

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