Why Social Media Marketing Essentials For Starters?

Why Social Media Marketing Essentials For Starters

Why is social media marketing important?

Social Media Marketing is important because:

  • It’s the fastest way to spread the information about new product, service, or news item.
  • Millions of people spend a good amount of their time on social media networks
  • It’s the new marketing 
  • It’s the new influencer 

Social Media Marketing tips for beginners

Why Social Media Marketing Essentials For Starters?

Read and follow the 10 tips below:

1. Decide on social media platform(s) 

Being a beginner to social media, you should choose one or two social media platforms first and focus on those rather than trying to work on all platforms at a time.

This is a big mistake that many beginners make and in the end, they quit without having any benefit.

2. Optimize your profile

Once you have decide which social media to use (at least in the beginning), the next important step is to optimize your profiles on those platforms.

By doing this you increase your chances of gaining more followers and it is also a very good way to boost your SEO efforts.

3. Connect your website or blog posts to your social media pages

After having ready your social media profiles, the next step is to connect your website to your page. 

There is a certain procedure for each platform and it is very crucial that you do it correctly.

4. Add social media buttons on your site

After connecting your website to your respective business pages on social media, you next need to add social media buttons on your website so that the viewers can easily share your content with others. 

Try to keep the buttons large and above the fold to increase exposure and get noticed easily.

5. Find and follow the influencers 

The next obvious step is to find people of your interests.

It is quite certain that they will not follow you back initially because you have a new account with fewer followers but doing so is important for 3 reasons:

  1. Suggestions  
  2. Follow for follow
  3. Chance to learn something new.

6. Balance the following and followers

A strong profile is someone that has more followers than its following.

This is important especially for Twitter and Pinterest and the reasons are a lot:

  • If you have a very high ratio you minimize your chances of getting new followers.
  • A matter of trust 
  • A balanced profile is better for SEO 

7. Share interesting and informative content 

We often say that ‘Content is the King’. Well, this is absolutely true for social media. Content is the foundation for having a successful social media marketing campaign. 

Share interesting and informative content, you get more re-shares, more visitors to your website, and many times more followers as well.

8. Don’t over-post

This is one of the most common questions by beginners on social media -“how many times should I post per day?”

Well, there is no definite answer. It completely depends on the network.

Below are some of the analysis for this question :

  • Facebook personal page – As many times as you want
  • Facebook business page – No more than 1-2 times per day and no more than 7 times per week.
  • Twitter – The more you tweet the more exposure you get.
  • Pinterest – a few times per day is enough

9. Never forget to follow back

People often forget to follow back those who already followed them while concentrating on gaining followers. You should create a habit of regularly checking your followers and decide whom to follow.

Ignoring this step may result in most of your followers un-following you and this is why you sometimes notice a decrease in the number of followers.

10. Follow the rules patiently

You have to follow some rules forged by social media to keep spammers away. 

Building thousands of follower calls for some time so you need not be impatient or break the rules by spending money on buying followers or anything similar as your account could be suspended. 


Setting up your social media profile and then handling it correctly are the two pillars. If you are not able to spare some time for it, you can hire professionals in this field. Kre8iveminds, digital marketing training centre in Kolkata is a good choice. It will give you the desired result in no time as well as provides Social media marketing course in Kolkata.

About the author – 

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