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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Break the monotony and try out something new with our comprehensive and competitive digital or internet marketing course. It is however, vital for you to learn and know in details that what does the term digital marketing or internet marketing actually define.
This term refers to the marketing that is done on the digital platform with the help of the internet. It is visually richer and way too cost-effective than any other form of advertising or marketing. With this mode of marketing you can put in a lot of creativity and imagination into use. A career in this sector does not require you to have a list of degrees. It is just that you must be dedicated and hardworking towards whatever you do.
The internet marketing will help you to reach newer heights in this competitive market. With the help of the hands-on training you will be exposed to newer challenges that will help you to deal with them efficiently and professionally and face them boldly later on. The course in digital or internet marketing will be taught to you with the help of a variety of digital marketing tools, techniques and channels. You will also learn how to use them as well.
To state the benefits of pursuing a course in digital or internet marketing here are a few of them:

  • You can juggle your full-fledged job and then also pursue a career in this field.

  • You will have full reigns of the career as you can exhibit your own skills, interests and creativity.

  • It will also help you to prosper financially as there is actually a huge demand for digital marketing experts and this requirement will never cease.


  • All social media training
  • Full syllabus coverage
  • Guaranteed job placements
  • Digital marketing training to complete client assignments

How is Digital Marketing as a Career?

The demand for digital marketing has grown steeply over the recent years. There is a huge demand for a digital marketing expert in almost all the fields of work that we can think or imagine. It has a different meaning for every individual that wants to pursue a career in it.

  • If you are a businessman and are tired of the same old ways of your hired digital marketing company, then here is your chance to learn the course and get to learn it from the initial stage. You can easily take up this course and form your own business strategies and put them to use on the digital platform. Since no one besides you will understand the requirements of your business better than ever, pursuing this course will help you to take full reign of the digital marketing ideas and strategies of your business. At the very same time it will also be cost effective since you need not hire anyone and pay for it.
  • If you are a freelancer then this course in digital marketing will be extremely beneficial for you. There are many who do not like the typical job culture by sitting in an office and working all day long. If this work culture is not your cup of tea then you are free to work as a freelancer while staying back in your home. Even more , you can make more money than you would actually earn by working in an office. Thus, digital marketing will be a great career choice for you.
  • If you are looking for a change in job then here is your golden opportunity. A career in digital marketing will be beneficial for the ones who are already employed and are looking for a new challenge or a new job role. Learning a comprehensive digital marketing course will help you to take that challenge and go that extra mile in your career.
  • • If you are a homemaker and want to do something for an earning then you must surely take up this course and then get to work as a freelancer while you stay back in your home. A career in digital marketing will surely open newer avenues for you and it will give you a break from the daily monotony of the domestic chores. It will be a great opportunity for you to show your skills and creativity to the world without moving out from your home
  • If you are a student and want to earn your own pocket money or fund your own education or high studies then pursuing a career in digital marketing will not hamper your studies and instead will let you earn that extra penny in an honest way. You can go for the course as per your convenience and then once you complete it you will be skilled enough to work as an expert in digital marketing. Then with the years to come you can find your higher education and once you have gained enough experience then of course you can take up a full-fledged career in digital marketing.

Who can learn digital marketing?

There is no rule for your eligibility if you want to learn digital marketing. You need not worry about not having any previous knowledge in digital marketing or even in computers. So, you can take up a digital marketing course if you are:

  • Willing to learn this course and are still in school
  • A college goer and want to pursue something off beat from your mainstream education
  • A retired personnel and are looking to pursue a new course and start a career in something completely new
  • Holding a degree in any discipline in your graduation or post graduation classes
  • An engineer and are willing to pursue another career besides your full-fledged job
  • From the IT sector
  • An internet and computer geek and have an avid interest in digital marketing
  • An entrepreneur and want to take full control of the digital marketing of your business
  • An Social Engine Optimisation or Social Media Optimisation professional and have a great knowledge about your own field
  • A blogger, vlogger, YouTuber or social media influencer
  • Into web developing and affiliate marketing
  • A mobile application developer
  • An inbound marketer
  • Willing to take up newer challenges in your business and profession
  • A web designer and want to increase your skills
  • An article or content writer and developer
  • A diploma holder in any discipline

Why choose ProLearnings as your digital marketing institute in Kolkata?

Here is a list of reasons for you to choose ProLearnings as your digital marketing institute in Kolkata:

  • ProLearnings is an experienced institute with 6+ years of experience in this field
  • We are a certified institute
  • Great classrooms which are well equipped with modern infrastructure and computers
  • Provision of complete course materials for you to study and learn
  • Exclusive guidance by expert mentors.
  • Extensive course materials covering all the chapters on digital marketing.
  • Individual guidance and undivided attention to all.
  • No scope of miscommunication or misunderstanding on the part of the students due to vivid explanations given by the teachers.
  • Great scope to learn from the live-projects under the expert guidance of the mentors
  • Healthy grounds for classroom discussions
  • Placement assistance is given to all
  • Be well trained than any of your peers
  • Learn from the experts
  • Keep in sync with the changing trends of digital marketing
  • Affordable course fees
  • Avail career guidance from the experienced digital marketing experts
  • Clarification of doubts

Pre-requisite Skills for Digital Marketing training course

There is no hard and fast rule about having any previous knowledge in computers or in digital marketing. Since you need not possess any programming skills or computer coding skills, you can pursue the digital marketing course at ease. However, the following skills will only help you to excel in this field:

  • A good command over the English language
  • Great creativity and imagination
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good understanding of the subject.
  • Good writing skills
  • You may require comparatively better aptitude
  • Proper reasoning and logical thinking
  • Ideas about a particular project
  • Good colour sense
  • Wisdom about the changing trends in the recent scenario of digital marketing

Benefits of ProLearnings' Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

Having almost more than 6 years of experience, ProLearnings has become a pioneer in imparting the best learning environment and practical knowledge in a high-demand course like digital marketing. The experts at digital marketing offer their full dedication and sincerity to every individual that comes to them to learn the digital marketing course. However, get to know us more with the following benefits that we offer in the digital marketing course in Kolkata.

  • Our experience counts a lot and so we are confident about offering what is the best for you. We have no hidden rules or regulations that will only fool you. When you enrol with us we will directly offer you the course syllabus and if you have any problem in understanding anything then you can directly talk to us. We will explain everything to you.
  • You can rely on us as we do not deter from what we say. We promise to offer a great learning environment to you supported with good infrastructure and computer labs. The computer labs are all equipped with good computers made with the latest configurations which will only help you to learn the course on digital marketing at ease without any hindrance and shortcomings
  • Since we charge affordable course fees from our students, we have a huge enrolment every year. There are also special discounts for meritorious students who can avail the scholarships as well. We have done this by keeping in mind the merit and interest of the students.
  • Our expert mentors will teach you every technique and tool of digital marketing which in turn will help you to use them later on. ProLearnings offers a fertile ground for learners who are really eager to put in their best effort and believe that there is no short cut to success.
  • We also give you an opportunity to discuss on an open forum in the classroom regarding the course. You are also free to ask questions to each other and create a healthy learning environment in the classroom with your peers. We will always encourage our students to put up their best effort and stay motivated.
  • It is on purpose that we keep the strength of the class limited. This helps in providing close attention to the learners and also it avoids overcrowding in the classroom. This is also done to avoid any chaos and problem among the students or between the students and the teacher.
  • Here at ProLearnings we are ready to cooperate with you if you are working or are a student and need to manage your schedule accordingly. If you are taking the digital marketing course sincerely then we will, for sure, try to keep up with you and extend our help.
  • There are many digital marketing institutes that do not offer placement assistance to their students. But unlike them we do offer great placement assistance to each and every student of ours. We will thoroughly guide and inform you about a job that you would like to take up
  • The convenient location of our digital marketing institute in Kolkata will let anyone from any corner of the city to reach us without any hassle. It is done so by keeping in mind that our students do not have to struggle to reach us and get tired even before the class starts.
  • The entire course on digital marketing is all comprehensive and covers each and every important aspect of digital marketing that you must learn about. Not a single thing will be missed out on or be omitted. You will be given a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the course which will help you immensely in learning both the practical and theoretical aspects of the course.