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Course Description

At ProLearnings, we provide an advanced training on web designing that enables you to derive expertise in the specific field. We also focus on increasing the speed and quality of your work to ensure your services are delivered within the prescribed time frame.

With Kre8iveminds Academy you can certainly choose to explore this dimension under a completely new light. As the best web designing course in Kolkata, we strive to inculcate accuracy and consistency in your web work, so as to drive you to become a professional at it.

We also train our students to design SEO-friendly websites to lure more audience for their clients, thereby tempting the buyers to return to them every time in need. In case, you are looking to join a professional web designing course in Kolkata, you’ve come to the right places!


  • Thorough training in web design
  • Designing websites for our clients
  • Full syllabus coverage
  • SEO-friendly training provided

Web Designing Course Content:-

Module 1-

  • Briefing on Internet Basics.
  • Basic Layout Concept.
  • Requirement of Design.
  • Application of creativity.
  • Business aspect of layout.
  • Implementation of branding into Design.
  • Creative Header Design.
  • Graphics manipulation/photo retouching.
  • Learning Typography.
  • Color theory.

Module 2-

  • Distribution of Projects.

Module 3-

  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Introduction to Photoshop.
  • Editing of Digital Still Image.
  • Introduction to Digital Still Image Format.
  • Image Cropping, using the Pen tool.
  • Filters, Layers (modes) and Action.
  • Single simple color–Metro UI design style.
  • Designing for Mobile Devices/Tablets.
  • CMS based design [Wordpress, Magento, Drupal].
  • Image optimization for use in web pages.
  • logo design and amendment using Photoshop.

Module 4-

  • HTML/XHTML, CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Fundamental concepts of HTML, XHTML and CSS.
  • Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Learning XHTML tags and structure.
  • Learning CSS 2.1 and CSS 3.
  • PSD to XHTML conversion of Web Template, using Div formats and CSS (2.1 & 3).
  • HTML5/CSS3.
  • Audio/Video element implementation with full back.
  • How to Create Dropdown Web Menu (using CSS and JS).
  • Cross Browser Compatibility (Pixel Match).

Module 5-

  • Creation of Webpage by using Responsive Technology.
  • Basic Knowledge of Bootstrap.
  • Knowledge sharing of CMS.
  • Installation of WordPress and page creation and modification.
  • W3C HTML/XHTML Validation.
  • Website Testing on Multiple Browsers.

Module 6-

  • JavaScript.
  • Client Side Scripting.
  • Events and Objects.
  • Validating JavaScript.
  • Form Validation using JavaScript.

Module 7-

  • JQuery.
  • Basics of JQuery.
  • Jquery accordion.
  • Jquery image slider.
  • Jquery css.
  • Simple functions and application of JQuery.
  • How to submit form without submit button in JQuery functions.

Query? Question? Confusion?

Actualize your visualisation

Graphic Design

Course Description

Why devoid yourself of an incredible graphic design course if you have a creative bent of mind? Join an advanced graphic design course at ProLearnings to accelerate the graphic designer in you!

The course will firmly focus on the present demand for exquisite graphic designs. We indulge trainees into learning about various techniques of building extravagant graphic designs using some advance set of graphic designing apps.

Within the shortest span of 6 months, you can apply for some of the hands down graphic designing agencies and provide your excellent services to beat the basic.


  • Training on enhancing creativity
  • Helping to create quality graphic designs
  • Designing graphics for our client firms
  • Live assignments on designing graphics properly

Hyper text Markup Language


Course Description

HTML is extremely vital for any website to flourish. At ProLearnings, we train our students to engage in the basics of HTML during the initial stages.

With the passage of time, HTML tags and other important topics relating to it are trained to students so as to excel in this specific field. Students who are hunting to create excellent web pages must be trained to using HTML correctly.

Our stringent faculty offer some of the most incredible lessons on HTML to help students ace this field.


  • Full syllabus coverage for basics in HTML
  • Thorough training in HTML tags
  • Live assignments and sessions on HTML
  • Certificate provided after course is over

Cascading Style Sheets


Course Description

Cascading style sheets is the language that is used to define the presentation of a web page. In case you’ve been waiting to excel at website designing, training in CSS is fiercely demanded.

Join us to get hooked to the best web design training in Kolkata and pursue an exclusive set of training sessions in CSS.


  • Syllabus coverage for CSS
  • Guaranteed job placements
  • Certificate provided after the course is over
  • Regular tests assessments for better understanding

Mobile friendly Framework


Course Description

At ProLearnings, students are also exposed to using Bootstrap which is a free and open source front end development framework to make web pages and web apps.

If you’ve been hunting to become a pro at website designing, join us at ProLearnings to train yourself regarding Bootstrap.


  • Potential training through live assignments
  • Theory papers for better mentoring
  • Certificate guaranteed
  • Full syllabus coverage